How to make our heart feel alive…


… Is by remembering the One who creates us and the purpose of this life!


We can do something!


We might be sad when reading sad news about our brothers and sisters out there (i.e. palestine, syria, etc..)

We may thought nothing can be done..

“There should be a way!”

Firstly, we can send our prayers to them…

Then, we can contribute to them (for food, relief supplies)…

We also coukd share this awareness with others. May they also feel the same way.

See… There are lots of thing can be done!

Feed yout mind …


We are what we read.

So, feed our mind with good things (motivation, Quran, info) every morning.

Then we will feel awesome for the remaining of the day!

Healthy Body


Our deen require us to take care of our health.

It is something which our Creator wants us to do. He wants us to take care of our own body, as this is one of the way to show gratefulness to Him.

Healthy body also ensure that we can do our duties to Him better!

So, start exercising!